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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lifetime Access exactly mean?

Tailwind Master Kits' lifetime access gives you access to the components and the code with no additional recurring charges. Pay once, use the components forever. Also, if in the future more components are added, you get access to them if you're subscribed for the lifetime access membership.

How is One-Year access pass different from Lifetime Access?

With One-Year pass, you get access to all the premium components for One Year and all the updates are for One Year only. With Lifetime Access, you get access to the entire set for features for Lifetime - Which means you can get future updates for the components as long as the website is live.

Can I resell the components on my own website?

No. You cannot resell the components on your own website claiming that you built them. You cannot create templates out of Tailwind Master Kit's components and sell them. You can use the components for client projects and personal use.

What are Free Updates?

We are tirelessly working on adding more quality components on the platform. Most of our components are premium but we do release free components and keep on updating them regularly. Lookout for our newsletter, we release new components every month.

On how many projects can I use Tailwind Master Kit's components?

With Tailwind Master Kit's Lifetime Access Pass, you can use the components on as many websites as you want - which is unlimited. As long as its just you who is using the license, use it on unlimited projects.

What is community access and how is it beneficial for me?

You get access to our private Discord Server where you can request for custom components, seek help from the makers of Tailwind Master Kit and other connect and network with other like minded people who are already using the product.

Can I only use Tailwind Master Kit's components on tailwind supported projects?

Yes. For now you can only use components for projects that support tailwind. If you're not using tailwind css, We highly recommend that you to start using it. In future, we are planning to add more css related components and templates?

Does Tailwind Master Kit also provide complete web templates?

Since the product is in its early stage, we are developing website templates using our components and custom components as well. In future we are going to release complete page templates which deals with various different use cases. The templates will be standalone and will be priced separately.

Component is not working as it is supposed to work. What should I do?

You can always reach out to [email protected] and we will revert within 72 hours and answer your query. We have got an amazing set of people handling operations for us.

What happens after I buy a license?

You will be redirected to a special page where you will be asked to enter the license key. The license key will be sent to your registered email address; paste the key and your subscription will be activated. License key will be generated for one user only.

How to activate license?

You will get your license key into your email, the one which you used for purchasing the license. After you receive the email, click on the button provided in the email and you will be redirected to a special page where you can enter your license key and activate Tailwind Master Kit.

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