Tailwind Master Kit License

Tailwind Master Kit comes with a license through which the user can access premium features and assets related to Tailwind Master Kit.

Tailwind Master Kit gives you access to use the premium assets through a valid license only. Breach of the license results in permanent termination of your access with immediate effect and any legal action might be taken upon the end user for violating the license.

What you can do with the license

  • Create a website for yourself or for your clients with the components provided in Tailwind Master Kit.
  • Use the application to create end products that clients pay for.
  • Use the application for your startup to create front-end UI and/or Admin dashboard areas, not limited to any scope.
  • Use the components to create Open Source projects and products.

What you cannot do with the license

  • Share your email account associated with Tailwind Master Kit to other individual or organizations.
  • Create Open Source application completely or partially out of Tailwind Master Kit and providing it for free and / or monetising it.
  • Create button builders, page builders or any kind of drag and drop and/or code replica of Tailwind Master Kit components and/or selling it.
  • Creating templates and themes out of Tailwind Master Kit components and providing it for free, Open Sourcing it or selling it.
  • Creating admin dashboards or admin panels and selling it or open sourcing it.

The responsibility for the Tailwind Master Kit part stays with the Tailwind Master Kit and PlaceholderTech Team. You are needed to keep the authorizing terms to stay away from the end in the event of resistance with the concurred terms.

Meaning of 'Lifetime Access' or 'Lifetime'

Lifetime access means that the user is provided the access to Tailwind Master Kit's assets as long as the website is up and running; which means as long as the website survives. The end user is advised to download assets and templates once they have a valid license. In case we are closing, we will release a notice on the official website. The user will be asked to download every asset within 1 month from the announcement. Post 1 month, the assets will not be accessible

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